The rise of digital marketing, mobility, user experience and big data have raised the expectations of consumers and business users. But keeping up with these changes often means complex integration projects that can consume valuable time and resources. Our experience, resources and end-to-end approach to systems integration help you to gain the rewards while avoiding the negative consequences. We help you to:
  •  Consolidate your diverse systems and improve their efficiency
  •  Migrate your network environment to the next level without disrupting your customers
  •  Accelerate the introduction of new services and technologies
  •  So let us help you create values for your business
Our System and Business Solutions include :

Telco System Integration and Value Added Services

We supply and deploy a range of next generation core and value added service platform. These advanced telecommunication services, operate behind the core infrastructure, to deliver unique revenue generating and cost optimization services.

These range of solution includes:

  1. BSS/OSS platform
  2. Interactive voice response systems
  3. Service Performance Assurance and Network Management System (SPANMS)

IT System Integration and Enterprise Architecture

To enhance business performance, you can count on our system integration solutions and services. Our pool of professionals and resources help you design, develop and integrate the systems and applications that best run your business.

These range of solution includes:

  1. Enterprise architecture services
  2. Enterprise application integration
  3. Virtualization solution
  4. Network security solution
  5. Enterprise mobility management
  6. Business intelligence services

Business Application Solution

Pernec’s full-service offering is complemented by a portfolio of industry specific software or applications. This portfolio represents years of collaboration with the industry expertise and an ongoing commitment to adding value to our clients' business operations.We understand business challenges are increasing, end user preferences keep on changing, and users want access to services across multiple customer touch points anywhere anytime. To be competitive and to reach global markets, organizations need to explore new business models and to provide their partners and users with seamless access to information and business transactions.

We offer integrated Business Application Solutions focused on specific industries and emerging themes to enable growth. Our offerings include but not limited to:

  1. Facility Information Management System (FIMS)
  2. Talent and Attribute Management System.

User Experience and Digital Marketing Solution

Create a delightful user experience and monetize by turning your touch points such as Wi-Fi and Digital Signage as a marketing engagement tool, while getting valuable insights, profiles, behaviors and feedbacks from your end customers.

These range of solution includes:

  1. Wi-Fi digital marketing platform including Proximity Marketing
  2. Digital Signage Solution