ICT is an enabler in a typical organization, and yet it is more often becomes complex and resource intensive in our goal to provide better business services.

Our Professional Services can enable companies to have better business services through optimum use of technology and process excellence, and help you to perform in this vigorous market environment. We offer complete IT lifecycle services to meet every business need with a strong service delivery structure.

Our Professional Services for your ICT infrastructure include project management, designing, implementing, maintaining and enhancing technology and businesses to meet your business goals. We deliver world –class solutions across telco and enterprise platforms, networking, storage, security, enterprise management and business applications that are strengthened by strategic alliances with global technology partners. Pernec’s capable and certified experts are geared to meet the latest technology challenges building on their domain knowledge and various IT tools.

Our Professional and Support Services range includes:

Project Management

Pernec has proven track record in managing and delivering various telecommunication and IT projects for more than 40 years . With vast experience, competence and certified project management resources, Pernec is continuously chosen by the key solution provider as main local partner to manage projects based on project management standard.

Pernec focuses on project management activities and strategy to ensure undertaken projects are delivered within cost, time, budget and meeting the stakeholders expectation.

  1. Drive project management activities, project status report, resources planning and assignment matrix
  2. Manage stakeholder communication and engagement
  3. Employ project management tools and techniques
  4. Deploy international good practice methodology (PMBOK) to ensure successful and quality deliverables during project life cycles:


Pernec blend the good practice of PMBOK’s standard project management methodology with its experiences, competence resources and right tools to formulate the best practices of project management to fulfil their customers’ requirements.

System Planning and Network Design

PERNEC continuously focus on its core competency in system planning and network design for decades.

The professional services include key activities of planning, desktop study, survey and material planning involving Telco based projects ranging from transmission, access to core network and IT based projects including IT application, infrastructure and structured cabling network. The main objective is to produce the highest quality of technical and commercial proposal with valuable design concept to assist its value customer in choosing the best value money solution.

PERNEC value proposition is the professional technical advice through certified competent resources for solution architecture and system integration.

Pernec’s customers will gain significant benefit through the structured system planning and network design packages, which result in maximum return to the customer :

  1. Project cost optimization
  2. Timely delivery
  3. Minimize risk
  4. Improve project quality hence
  5. Meeting the customers’ expectations

Installation and Testing

PERNEC has been involved in carrying out Engineering Services for Telekom Malaysia since 1976. PERNEC has involved in many Telecommunications and IT Projects since then and delivered the projects successfully.

PERNEC Installations and Testing teams are led by highly trained and experienced Team Leaders, with proven track record locally and internationally. Our Teams are fully equipped with full set of tools and sufficient test gears to complete the tasks as per customer requirement.

PERNEC has established collaboration with Regional Partners and currently working with more than 200 teams nationwide.

PERNEC are well-versed with following scope of works :

  1. Unpacking and mounting of racks/subracks.
  2. Power cabling to D.C Power Distribution Board.
  3. Earth cabling to earthing strip on overhead racks/trays.
  4. Cabling of alarms to first of Row (PDB) or / and VF Terminal-Block.
  5. Checking and strapping of all electronic parts and insertion of Electronic parts into Subracks.
  6. All in station and link test associated with the equipment.
  7. Running and termination of CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cables to the patch panels.
  8. Run and Lace the coaxial cable to the desired Subrack/Shelf.
  9. Terminate the coaxial cable at the coaxial terminal strip and the Subrack/Shelf.
  10. Placement of computer hardware including servers, racks and disk storage facilities.
  11. Installation of workstations or client terminals.
  12. Labeling of all equipment/servers and its cabling.
  13. Loading and testing application software.
  14. Migration of configuration data.
  15. System development, System Integration and System migration.

Maintenance and Support Services

PERNEC Maintenance and Support Services covers throughout the duration of Equipment/Software warranty period and after warranty period.

PERNEC provides Comprehensive/non-Comprehensive Maintenance and Support Services for all Telecommunications and IT Projects.

PERNEC has established collaboration with Regional Partners and provides 24/7 support services with more than 100 teams nationwide that covers all regions. Our extensive coverage and our personnel experiences in providing the service qualifies us to not only undertake the task but also to provide value-added to consultancy services to the Customer. The Pernec Call Centre (PCC) will act as the Help Desk in responding to every call made by the Customer operational team members.

In case of emergency, our support network which covers nationwide is always ready to get into action. Starting from receiving notification from the Customer’s Network Operation Center through the Help Desk until sending support engineer from the nearest regional center to the site. The emergency services come in one complete package with online support, on-site support (Remedial Maintenance) and faulty spares replacement.

In fact, our Supplier is always on standby in case the emergency case requires technical expert from the original manufacturer of the equipment, especially on system design related problem.
Our Maintenance and Support Services for hardware and software includes :

  1. 24/7 on-call service/helpdesk.
  2. 24/7 on-site support service i.e. Remedial Maintenance servic
  3. Preventive Maintenance program, which consists of a thorough monitoring and inspection on the system performance, with recommendation, enhancement and follow up activities to ensure that the System is in excellent working condition.
  4. Spare Part Management Services (SPMS) nationwide.
  5. Repair & Return Services
  6. Technical Training Services (on-site and classroom)